LINC 2016 Conference Program

LINC 2016 Conference was a big success!  We will post the videos of the plenary and panel sessions soon.
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The LINC 2016 Conference program combines several components designed to create a powerful, unique and memorable experience for your time at MIT. The three-day LINC Conference and the pre-conference workshops are composed of a number of different sessions, organized to encourage open dialogue between participants, and emphasize learning, networking and socializing.

Whether you are looking for skill development during the pre-conference workshops, or a new perspective on the field, the program will have something to facilitate your desired learning outcome.

Plenary Sessions:

LINC 2016 will feature a number of plenary speakers that will share their experiences on digital learning challenges, opportunities, and future perspectives on e-learning.

Panel Discussions:

The panel discussions will allow the panelists to deliberate on current and relevant topics, initiating an exchange of viewpoints among experts with opportunities for Q&A from the audience.

Parallel Sessions:

A large part of LINC 2016 is the collection of parallel paper sessions, offering ample time for academics to present and discuss their work. This also gives LINC participants the opportunity to listen to selected topics most relevant to them. Presentations during the parallel sessions will be a combination of invited speakers and speakers selected from the submitted abstracts.

Group Conversations:

LINC 2016 will also host speaker-driven conversations on the main conference topics, where participants are invited to discuss openly with peers and interact directly with each other in a group setting.

Pre-Conference Workshops:

LINC 2016 is proud to offer workshops specifically designed for the conference, and are hosted by world-renowned MIT faculty, groups and departments such as the MIT Media Lab, Edgerton Center, MIT BLOSSOMS, MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) and the Office of Digital Learning (ODL). In particular, these workshops will focus on MOOC development and various sectors of pre K-12 education.

Networking and Social Experiences:

LINC 2016 attendees are encouraged to network with fellow participants, speakers and old friends during the conference. To encourage collaboration, we will have several breakout rooms available for participants’ use. We invite you to use these to work with colleagues, starting new and continuing already existing collaborations.

Outside of the official LINC program, multiple social events are taking place in the evenings around and throughout the conference. We encourage you to attend these events and connect further with fellow LINC attendees in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Social Media:

Stay connected with LINC 2016 before, during and after the May 2016 conference. Participants are welcome to use #MITLINC to share their LINC 2016 experiences, and to connect with fellow attendees beyond the conference.

See our full preliminary agenda here.


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